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How to Use Pinterest Like a Pro – Beginners guide

Many businesses, big and small have set up an account on Pinterest, which is continuing to gather momentum with users flocking to the site at a rate of 10 million unique visitors a month. For those not yet familiar with Pinterest, it’s essentially like a scrap book, where you can find all sorts of things on your travels around the internet, and “pin” them to a relevant interest board. As a user, you can also follow other people’s / company’s boards that interest you – everything from fashion, photography, recipes, gardening, tech gadgets, tattoos, and weddings- if you have an interest, it’s sure to be there.

For small businesses, particularly those whose products / services are visually interesting, it offers a chance to not only showcase your brand, but also allows followers to be inspired with new ideas and trends in your specialty area. For example, a local florist may choose to set up a Pinterest Account which shows lovely pictures of recent arrangements / bouquets they have done for a special event or wedding, and also keep followers informed of flowers by season, colour inspiration, etc. Many businesses have seen a significant volume in traffic to their website, and quality leads / customers from Pinterest, so it’s definitely worth checking it out.

The article below from Digital Trends takes you through step by step in setting up an account on Pinterest, then how to engage with other followers. BE WARNED- Pinterest is EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE, you may end up being lost for hours exploring through so much interesting content people have collected!

Set up your own Pinterest account via this How to Guide: How to Use Pinterest Like a Pro – Beginners guide.

For more information, you can also visit the Pinterest for Business site to see tutorials, case studies, and reports available for business accounts.


3 thoughts on “How to Use Pinterest Like a Pro – Beginners guide

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  2. EXACTLY! Thanks for the insights, I can tell that you have a full understanding of how social media works & I also address similar topics on my blog. I’ll most definitely be following your bog to get more of your insight! 🙂


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