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Businesses harnessing the power of social media

A hotel in Sydney has been named the “world’s first Instagram hotel” – by offering people who have a certain number of followers on Instagram, free room nights. They also encourage guests to post pictures of themselves at the hotel to their Instagram account, and run competitions to select the best images. This is just one example of how businesses are using social media to generate awareness and sales within their company.

But, how does this relate to your small business? Every brand and business has something that your valuable customers would share with family and friends – you just need to uncover exactly what that is. What makes you different from your competitors?

Here’s a simple list of ways you could consider to promote your business or gather customer feedback, via social media:

  • Create a voter poll to solicit feedback as part of product development
  • Run a competition giving something away that relates specifically to your business (make sure you check out the various terms and conditions for promotions across the social media platforms you want to use).
  • Get visual – utilise photos via Instagram or Pinterest, or create unique video content on You Tube to share across multiple channels.
  • Raise your profile an be an industry expert – write the odd article to be shared in industry publications, comment on other’s articles to share your opinion
  • Connect your business’ social media profiles with other related businesses and industries (go and look for influencers and companies to follow,and chances are, they may in turn follow you, which will expose their audience to some of your content). Think of social media as a networking event – the more people you talk to and engage with, the more business connections you leave the room with.
  • Depending on your industry area, you may also like to get your customers / followers involved in developing content for you – submitting pictures, videos, design ideas, articles, recipes, etc.

There are thousands of ideas floating around out there, for small businesses, the most important thing is to identify your strong social media channels (where the majority of your audience spends the most time), and test different things that work well for you. They don’t have to be big expensive ideas, just little things that increase the interaction between your brand and your customers.

Take a look at the article below from Dynamic Small Business, to see how the 1888 Hotel in Sydney is using social media to power their marketing efforts.

via Harnessing the power of social media | Dynamic Business – Small Business Advice – Forums | Dynamic Business Australia.

and a link to the promotion on the hotel’s website:!our-story/c1udm 


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