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Podcast Series – Episode 1: How long do you stick with a company that won’t get off the ground?

With an abundance of great content and advice available for small businesses and entrepreneurs, we’re always on the look out for new sources of information presented in different ways. Moving forward, The Social Shopper will be recommending a weekly Podcast (essentially a video / audio presentation you can watch online, or listen to on the go via your mobile phone). Information and topics will be varied, and we’d love to hear your suggestions on any areas you’d like us to source.

The first podcast for today is courtesy of Mixergy, where host Andrew Warner interviews Jason Seeber, “a serial entrepreneur who couldn’t get a company to take off–until he hit on the company that he’s here to talk about today. Jason Seeber is the founder of The Wine Spies, a unique wine retailer that features one exceptional wine each day, online, in a limited 24-hour sale.”

The Podcast is titled “How long do you stick with a company that won’t get off the ground”, and is an interesting personal account of persistence and passion to follow an idea you believe in, even when the chips are down and your ATM card is declined in the supermarket.

You can view the interview online or download the MP3 by clicking the image below, or download via iTunes (“how long do you stick with a company that won’t get off the ground” – released 23/7/14)  here

Happy listening, we’d love to hear what you think of the interview, and whether you found it useful!

Wine spies

Andrew Warner Interviews Wine Spies CEO – Jason Seeber



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