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Are Pop-Up Shops good for business?

There seems to be a big trend developing in major cities and suburban shopping strips alike – the Pop-up shop. Here today, and gone tomorrow, these small spaces allow retailers to test a new market, create a unique experience, or push a seasonal product, whilst allowing landlords the chance to secure short term rental agreements rather than having a premise sit idle for long periods. Seems like a win/win for both parties, and also for consumers who can experience a vibrant retail landscape that continually changes.

Pop-up shops are being used by big multinationals (like Uniqlo in both Melbourne + Sydney prior to their main stores opening), and small businesses, both local and online, who are looking to extend into a new suburb, or perhaps test the idea of a shopfront without a costly long term investment. If your small business is toying with the idea of opening a Pop-up shop, there are many factors to consider, such as determining your goals, finding the right location, merchandising, marketing, and evaluating success.

The Ultimate Guide to Pop-Up Shops developed by e-commerce leader, Shopify, is very comprehensive, and takes you step by step through all of the processes necessary to determine whether a Pop-Up shop is right for your business. Definitely worth a read ….

Pop-up Shop (1)

By Humayun Khan – a Retail Content Strategist at Shopify.

“For both consumers and retailers alike, the digital divide between the online and the offline world of commerce are collapsing. Out of the rubble, a new future is emerging, one in which consumers expect to seamlessly choose between making a purchase online, in-store, or frankly wherever they find themselves.

As merchants shuffle to reorganize themselves, one trend that becomes more and more apparent and shows no signs of disappearing is the pop-up shop. With the appeal of a temporary rental agreement, the possibility of creating highly engaging and targeted experiences, and customers who jump at the idea of something exclusive, pop-up shops are the new cool kids on the retail block.

Pop-up shops provide online retailers a low-cost and highly-effective sales channel that not only increases brand awareness, but provides a means to get a taste of conducting business face-to-face and reap the advantages of observing customer reactions to products and quickly soliciting their feedback. But, if you’ve only ever sold online, where do you even start?”

Access the step by step guide:

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