ASIC cautions Aldi on “tap and go” surcharges

Retailers beware: Aldi has been cautioned by ASIC following an investigation that the shopping giant is charging customers an additional surcharge for using tap and go method of payment, without adequate signage. ASIC has stated that where there is a surcharge for using a specific payment method, customers should be made aware, allowing them to use an alternate payment method (like EFTPOS via cheque / savings account) or cash, which carries no additional charges.

Australians have taken to tap and go technology faster that most other developed nations, and it is predicted that this payment method will continue to grow steadily, especially with the introduction of apps from the major banks, making your smart phone a virtual wallet. Aldi has responded to ASIC with a pledge to ensure signage exists at all stores, and staff will also be notifying customers of the surcharge before preceding with the payment. This should also serve as a wake up call to small retailers to ensure adequate information about surcharges is given to customers at the point of purchase (both in-store and online).

Read the full story via Inside Retail: ASIC cautions Aldi on surcharges.


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