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How Online Reviews Impact Your Small Business

Search online for just about any product or service today, and your eye is drawn to those with the most positive reviews. According to a study by Dimensional Research – customer service was the #1 factor in determining how much a business is trusted, and what better way of sharing your customer experience, than via a review – GOOD and BAD! Did you know that 97% of consumers shared bad experiences, and 87% shared good ones (nearly half of which was done on social media)? And, according to the study, nearly 90% stated that online reviews impacted their buying decision. This trend will continue to increase, so as a small business, if you don’t already have a reviews strategy in place, it’s time to get moving.

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Online reviews are also important for your local SEO strategy (refer to previous post on Local SEO), as they boost you up the rankings on search engines. The following article from Shopify goes into detail on how you should go about setting up a reviews strategy – which will differ depending on your industry / product type.

In today’s digital age, how would you feel as a small business if you found out that 90% of customers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews? 

I’d imagine that you’d perk up and either pat yourself on the back if your business already has a strategy in place for acquiring reviews and managing your online reputation, or you’d scratch your head and think ‘dang, I better get on this.’

Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, online reviews are important for a number of reasons, and have major implications through their ability to affect:

  • Your rankings in local search engines
  • Which search results actually gets clicked on
  • Consumers purchasing decisions

That makes online reviews as critical to your local SEO strategy as building citations and on-site optimization. In my previous posts, I covered the nuts-and-bolts of building citations, and provided a primer for local SEO to help you digest some of the concepts. 

In this post, I’ll be covering how online reviews affect modern-day consumer’s decision-making, along with where they fit into your Local SEO campaign, how you can go about acquiring them, while proactively managing your online reputation.

Let’s get started”

Read the full article here: How Online Reviews Impact Your Local SEO Strategy.


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