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Podcast Series – Episode 5: Getting the most out of Facebook

Episode 5 in the Podcast Series brings us back home to Australia, where hosts Kate Matson and Suzi Dafnus from The Australian Businesswomen’s Network, interviews social media expert, and former Facebook employee, Nick Bowditch.  The show focuses on the ins and outs of marketing your business on Facebook, creating share-worthy content, and great tools to use.

Here’s a summary:

“Nick Bowditch, startup consultant and former Small Business Marketing Executive of Australia and NZ at Facebook, strongly believes that of all the social media platforms, “Facebook is King”. In this interview on the Social Media for Small Business podcast , Nick explained that businesses have to realise that becoming an adamant publisher of your content on Facebook is the key in creating optimum awareness of your company’s skills and services.

In this episode he explains the important differences between organic posting and paid posting, the benefit of unpublished posts and the importance of story telling. “If you pay to boost your posts, you’ll ultimately get the reach that you want because you’ve become a ‘share-worthy’ publisher of Facebook and people will willingly share noteworthy posts on your behalf.”

You can listen to the podcast via Australian Businesswomen’s Network here: An insider’s guide to getting the most out of Facebook.






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