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Podcast Series – Episode 6: Success in a Deep Niche

Many retail and small business owners often struggle with the decision to go niche or expand their offering, and depending on the product / service, each can have its pros and cons. This week’s podcast is from E-Commerce Fuel, where host Andrew Youderian interviews the successful niche business owner of Beardbrand, which exclusively caters to men and their beards!

The Beardbrand Team. Source: beardbrand.com

The Beardbrand Team. Source: beardbrand.com

Here’s an excerpt from the site on what to expect, and what makes this story so interesting:

“Eric Bandholz and the entire team at Beardbrand have built an eCommerce store that sells beard maintenance products to the tune of approximately $60,000 per month! He’s built a brand in a very specific niche: urban beardsmen, the man who wants to grow a beard but isn’t lazy, unkempt, homeless, etc.

Much of their success has come through great PR and marketing, initially through YouTube and now with outsourced PR and marketing companies. Eric shares some of their most successful tactics for success in such a specific niche.”

 Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How to get incredible PR (and why that shouldn’t be your only focus).
  • Why it’s important to focus your energy on the things you do well and hire on help to do the rest.
  • The value of having vendors PARTNERS vs. just vendors.
  • How to develop a seemingly difficult proprietary product like beard oil.
  • Why to use a local fulfillment house rather than a big company like Amazon.

You can listen to the full podcast from the site or download to listen on the go here: E-commerce Fuel_Success in a Deep Niche 



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