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4 Ways You Can Use Social Media for Sales Growth

Although most social media channels are not the best environments to directly sell products and services (this is best done via your website, phone, or physical shop front), they are a great breeding ground to foster relationships and leads, which do help grow sales down the line.

The article below from Michael Bird via  Business 2 Community shows four effective ways in which your business can use social media to help drive sales:

To the untrained eye, social media is a useless tool for growing sales. You can’t directly sell on the site, and likes and retweets do not always equal sales growth. So how can Facebook or Pinterest lead to more sales and lead generation?

Social Media for Sales

Don’t ever underestimate the power of social media for sales. On those platforms, your audience awaits you, and if you’re too slow to create accounts, your competitors will get to them before you. Social media is one of the best tools out there to simultaneously promote your brand, generate strong leads and, most importantly, grow your sales.

In order to make these platforms work for you, you have start creating accounts and building a presence. Follow these four effective tips for using social media to generate sales and see what a little social media marketing can do for you.”

Continue reading the full article here:  4 Ways You Can Use Social Media for Sales Growth.


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