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Johnny Rockets Restaurants To Roll Out E La Carte’s Tablets To 200 Locations

The era of smart dining has begun. It will be interesting to see if self ordering via tablets in restaurants will take off here in Australia? We’d love to here from any cafes / restaurants who are already trialing this technology or thinking about it.


In the race to become one of the top tableside tablet providers, Silicon Valley-based E la Carte has just scored another notable restaurant deal to follow that of the Applebee’s win from last year: the company says today that it’s preparing to install its tablets at over 200 U.S. Johnny Rockets locations starting next month. The deal was struck after a relatively brief, three-month trial period where the restaurant chain tested E la Carte’s tablets alongside competitive solutions.

During the pilot, the restaurants saw an 11.2% improvement in table turn time – one of the key factors restaurants are looking at when considering a tablet investment. The idea is that customers can order from their table without the server’s involvement, as orders can be sent directly to the kitchen. Servers can then focus more on making sure guests are happy, instead of running back and forth with paper tickets. And even…

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