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Local SEO for Small Businesses – A Beginner’s Guide

One question I’m constantly asked by small businesses, is the importance of getting found when people are searching online. Gone are the days when you could pay for a small ad in The Yellow Pages, and hope for the best. Consumers are far more savvy when searching for restaurants, hotels, retail, and services on the go, and will often rely on other’s reviews when making a decision whether to visit your business. For all small businesses, it’s essential that you bring yourself up to speed with Local Search Engine Optimisation (Local SEO), to ensure you are getting traffic to your site, and through your doors. The article below from Humayun Kahn at Shopify is an excellent start to walk you through the basics. Whilst the stats are based on the US, a similar pattern and process takes place here in Australia. Please feel free to contact me for more information about enhancing your business’s presence in local search within Australia.

In the meantime, enjoy the read:

“As a small business with a physical location, you’ve probably heard about “local SEO” or have been told that you should really be optimized for local search.

In return, perhaps you’ve had a confused or overwhelmed look on your face, wondering ‘what exactly is local SEO?, ‘how’s it different from your existing SEO efforts?’, and ‘how exactly do you get started?’

Not to fret, this is the first of a series of posts outlining how your business can be optimized for local search engine marketing. As a subset of a broader SEO marketing practices, basic local SEO encompasses the following three factors:

  1. Local Listings and Citations
  2. Online Reviews
  3. On-Site Local SEO optimization

I’ll be providing an introduction to each of these three components in this post and providing more in-depth posts in the weeks to come. If you’re ready to start cashing in on greater local search visibility, you’ve come to the right place. But first, we’ll look at how the modern day consumer searches and shops in today’s world. 

Let’s dive in. “

click here to view the rest of the article: Local SEO for Small Businesses – A Beginner’s Guide.


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