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PODCAST – Social media marketing demystified

From one of my favourite Australian podcast channels – Small Business, Big Marketing – host Tim Reid covers some fantastic topics with industry expert, Jeff Bullas. The podcast is around an hour – great to download and listen in the car or at night, and defintely worth the time! Take a look at the areas covered below …

Jeff Bullas may well be Australia’s leading expert on how businesses can embrace social media marketing. No longer do you, the motivated small business owner, need to view the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN as evil, bright shiny objects that distract us from getting on with business. Social media marketing can be effective. Can generate leads. Can help you build a tribe. In my fireside chat with Jeff, you’ll discover exactly how this impossibility is actually possible.

During my fireside chat with Jeff Bullas, you’ll discover:

  • A fantastic definition of social media
  • The type of content that is prone to going viral on social media
  • The power of turning text into images
  • Why you should attribute copy and images
  • How to use guest blogging to improve your social media footprint
  • What the most amazing thing that’s happened to Jeff as a result of social media
  • Why social media plays in to the hands of the small business owner
  • Why helpful marketing is an ideal platform for social media
  • How to extend what you offer from a physical product to a digital product
  • The power of multi-channel marketing
  • How a B2B social media strategy differs to a B2C strategy
  • Who the big hitters are in social media
  • The hub and spoke model
  • Why Facebook is now pay-to-play
  • Jeff Bullas’ secret to standing out on Facebook
  • What the curiosity-gap is and how to use it to increase engagement
  • How the social web is driven by email messaging
  • How to choose the right social media channel for your business
  • What Jeff Bullas’s favourite social media channel is
  • Why tweeting every 15-minutes is critical, as is scheduling your social media
  • Why evergreen content is smart marketing
  • What if someone criticises your business on social media

Plus I share an exciting idea from long time listener and Forum Member, Ben Mutoli of Geelong Cable Locations. It’s a ripper and is aimed at helping you grow your business. Thanks Ben!

via Social media marketing demystified.



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