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‘Mumpreneurs’ are helping drive small business growth

Fresh from The Sydney Morning Herald – it seems like women are powering ahead when it comes to starting new businesses. They are especially good in utilising social media and new technologies to drive their business forward. So what’s in store for small businesses from a government perspective? Read the full article below:

The number of women running businesses in Australia is growing, with “mumpreneurs” harnessing new technologies and social media to launch products and services, Small Business Minister Bruce Billson says.

And Mr Billson says small business can expect three things Рa tax cut of at least 1.5 per cent, greater support for entrepreneurs and more cuts to red tape and regulation Рas part of a small business and jobs package that will be released in the lead-up to the May budget. 

He told Fairfax Media the government was working on a pre-budget time frame for the release of the small business and jobs package, which would be of direct benefit to the 97 per cent of businesses in Australia that were small business.

“Mumpreneurs are able to make use of the disruptive technology to build businesses and livelihoods for themselves and others – often combining new technology, social media skills, new products and services too,” he said.

“They are leading the way in navigating new technology, new business opportunities, and the perennial challenge of balancing economic and family goals.”

Read more – ‘Mumpreneurs’ are helping drive small business growth in Australia, says Bruce Billson.


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