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A Beginner’s Social Media Guide for Small Businesses

For small businesses owners, it’s often difficult to make a start on putting together a social media presence for your brand / service. With so much information available, and so many channel options, it can get put into the “too hard” basket very quickly. If done correctly, social media can be a very cost effective marketing channel for your business to look for new customers, and to keep top of mind for your existing ones. This guide below from Social Media Examiner is a great read, and offers easy to understand step by step advice in getting set up, and the commitment required to keep the strategy going. As with anything, it’s best to start small (ie, pick one social media channel, eg, Facebook that you think most of your audience will be using), and master that first rather than trying to do everything at once, and having little success.

Happy reading …

via A Beginner’s Social Media Guide for Small Businesses | Social Media Examiner.

PS: If you are in the Sydney area, I also run Social Media for Small Business talks, taking you through live examples of how to establish a social media presence. Feel free to register below if you’d like to be kept informed of the next event in your area.


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