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The small businesses with cult followings you need to know

No matter how much money you spend on marketing your business, those in the know will agree that Word of Mouth marketing is the holy grail. Get your best customers talking passionately about your product or service to their friends, family and colleagues, and presto, new business will surely follow (usually at NO cost to you!).

This recent article featured on showcases several Australian businesses with a cult following that have expanded at an epic rate, some causing traffic jams with queues out the door! Gelato Messina, Black Milk Clothing, and Oishi-M, are a few of the businesses to gain inspiration from, each with their own niche product, who target very specific audiences, and do it very well. The one thing these businesses have in common, is a strong social media presence, allowing them to engage with their followers very quickly, which in turn extends their brand / product message well beyond what traditional media could achieve.

Hopefully, this article will get you as a business owner thinking – could I develop a cult following? Is there one product or service I offer that stands out above the competition that we could be famous for? If the answer is “no” perhaps it’s time to start thinking about creating that “something special” to get your fans talking!

Read the full article here:  The small businesses with cult followings you need to know.


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