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Web analytics for beginners

Many clients rely on my help to analyise their website data, and optimise offers and pages that aren’t working as they should. If you don’t have someone at hand to help in this area, here is a great guide I’ve found on Spotify that will take you through e-commerce analytics step by step, from discussing the basic metrics right through to integrating this data into your business routine to make better decisions.


Running an online business without analytics is like driving a car in the dark without headlights. Like driving, the more visibility you have over what is going on inside and around your business, the better your decisions will be.

When you start analyzing data on a weekly (or daily) basis, you’ll feel like you turned on the headlights of your business and can suddenly see the path to success a lot more clearly.

Whether your goal is world domination or to simply have a business that provides you with a great lifestyle, this guide will help you get in the habit of using analytics to drive business decisions, saving thousands of dollars in wasted resources and focusing efforts on what makes a difference.

Access this guide here:





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